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Redmi K40 Pro | Mi 11x pro | Mi 11i


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How to Root Redmi K40 Pro via magisk patched boot image

In this article, we will share the full instructions to download stock boot.img file, patch a stock boot image file using Magisk and then flash it via Fastboot commands on your Redmi K40 Pro | Mi 11X Pro. This tutorial is also for the newbies who never got root access on their phones.

Boot.img for Redmi K40 pro

Well, rooting your Android device is easier than ever before, but choosing the magisk is the perfect option. Magisk is a systemless root utility. This means that it roots your phone without modifying the system partition in the way that older root methods do. It is a most popular tool for rooting Android devices and installing custom modules to enhance Android’s functionality. How to install Magisk and root Android using Magisk? Don’t be so desparate, let me answer your questions in this article. Before you can install Magisk on your device, you have read the prequisite first, which are written below. So, we are going to show you how to root  redmi k40 pro using magisk patched boot file as a result you can easily have root access and do all the customization that you ever wanted. This guide is very straightforward. You just have to follow the steps carefully.

Download redmi k40 pro/mi 11i /mi 11x pro ultra stock boot image



1. Fully charged phone.
2. Make sure your bootloader is unlocked.
3. Your device running on same build as given above.
4. Patience and sometimes brain.
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Step 2: Create magisk patched boot image for Redmi K40 Pro

1. Download boot.img for Redmi K40 Pro | Mi 11X Pro from above link.
2. Download latest magisk manager here.
3. Open magisk and Select Install in magisk as shown in the image below.
4. Now, click on select and patch a file
patch stock boot.img using magisk
5. Navigate to your downloaded stock boot.img for redmi k40 pro file and patch the file.
6. Wait for the process to complete.
magisk_pathced.img created
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Now, magisk patched boot image for redmi k40 pro is saved in ‘Downloads‘ folder. That’s it for now lets move to next step.

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging

USB Debugging option is the thing that you cant not skip if you want to root your device. Basically enabling usb debugging option is the mi 10t pro  first step in rooting process. It help in communicating the android device to the pc using adb commands. So, here is how to enable USB debugging on redmi k40 pro (haydn):

1. Navigate to Settings > About Phone > tap MIUI Version  seven (7) times and a message will pop up “you’re in Developer mode“.

2.  Go back to the previous page and tap on Additional Settings > Scroll down a bit > “Developer Options”.  

usb debugging

3. In Developer options. Slide the “Developer Options” button to “On“.

4. Then scroll down the screen and turn on “USB debugging”. You will see a messages “Allow USB Debugging”, click “OK“.

Step 4: Install Adb and Fastboot drivers

To be able to control your device with USB debugging, you need to install ADB drivers on your computer. ADB and Fastboot drivers both have their different function but flashing magisk boot image require both the drivers. ADB drivers acts as a communication tool between your smartphone and PC while FASTBOOT drivers is used to modify the Android file system using a computer. Installing both the drivers is 15 seconds process, so here is how you can install adb and fastboot drivers on your pc:

1. Download latest adb setup tool in your pc from here.

2. Run the ADB & Fastboot setup as an administrator as shown.

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install adb and fastboot

3. A command prompt window will open with pre-written tasks.

4. Now, keep pressing “Y” and press enter untill next screen appers

install adb and devices

5. Click Next and after the process click on Finish.

That’s it! you have now successfully installed the ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC. After installing the drivers if your PC is not recognizing your device then check the fix below.


Step 5: Flash magisk patched boot | Root Redmi k40 pro (haydn)

Finally, it’s time to root redmi k50 pro without twrp or any other custom recovery. As you have created patched boot image using magisk, so lets  flash it using fastboot command. That’s why we installed both adb and fastboot drivers. First we need to boot the device in fastboot mode, so follow along

1. Connect your phone with the pc using USB cable and transfer the magisk patched boot image in your pc (you can paste in any folder you want).

2. Open the folder where you have transferred your boot image and rename magisk_patched.img to “boot.img” only.

3. Inside that folder, type “cmd” in address bar and hit enter. This will open a Command Prompt. 

open terminal in windows

4. To test whether ADB is working properly, type the below command. If the device is shown as unauthorized, then watch the device’s screen for any Authorization message and allow the connection.

Note:  Adb and Fastboot commands are same for both Windows and Linux.

[adinserter name="Block 1"]
adb devices

5. Now, type adb devices again to check your device is successfully connected in adb or not.

adb devices again

6. It’s time to boot the device into fastboot/bootloader mode. So type the below command.

adb reboot bootloader

7. Now, type the below command to check device is connected in fastboot mode or not. 

fastboot devices

8. Now type the below command to install magisk patched boot.img in redmi k40 pro haydn.

fastboot flash boot magisk patched boot.img

9. Magisk Patched boot.img is now flashed successfully, it’s time to reboot the device, so type the below command to reboot your device.

fastboot reboot
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Booom, you have successfully rooted your device. After the device is rebooted, open magisk manager and first boot it may take time, no need to worry it’s normal. So this was the detailed guide on how to root mi 11x pro haydn using magisk patched boot image. So that’s it with this one, drop a comment if you are facing any issue during the rooting process. Our developers will definitely get back to you.

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